The First Lesson

Music is my religion
Chocolate, the communion.

There is a reason that nearly all meditation exercises begin with slow, intentional breathing: deep breaths activate the relaxation response, one of the functions of the parasympathetic aspect of the autonomic nervous system.

Just past Arbuckle
telephone poles list
in tandem.
Shadows cross-hatch
at exit five-five-nine
County Line

The story of becoming a composer.

Randomly opened to the following passage in Rudolph Steiner's "How to Know Higher Worlds":

"The ideal situation would be to pursue our esoteric training among green plants and sunny mountains, surrounded by the loveliness of nature’s simplicity.

"...the consent of the heart..."

Practice is essential to making progress. Because of the nature of brain function, a regular daily practice routine is much more effective than one cramming session the day before the lesson.

Upon Meeting My Great Grandfather on Memorial Day

Dear Charles,
I met you today on the net
The internet, that is -
Because I realize I know you in other weavings.

     Each person who connects with their inner center radiates a beneficial energy to the world around them, much as a pebble dropped into a still body of water generates circles of gentle waves. In today’s frontier of the human spirit I believe that when we live by the universal spiritual values of love and honor and respect and compassion, guided by the knowledge of our human condition gained by modern science, there is a possibility that we can live in peace - the serenity of inner peace, the safety and security of peace in the world.

Those of you who have had trouble coordinating your right and left hands might get some inspiration from this epiphany from a student: “I get what the left hand does - it keeps the music stuck together!” - an important function!

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